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Before creating your Estate Plan consider the following


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1. Personal Representative

Your Personal Representative is the person who will carry out the directions stated in your Will (aka "Executor"). This responsibility is typically assigned to a spouse if applicable.

2. Successor Trustee

Your Successor Trustee is responsible for managing your assets within your Trust. If you (and your spouse) are unable to, due to incapacity. After death, this person distributes your assets to the beneficiaries named in your Trust. This person is often the same as your Personal Representative.

3. Power of Attorney

Your Agent under a Power of Attorney has the authority to act on your behalf in all legal and financial affairs when you are unable. Typically a spouse is appointed if applicable.

4. Healthcare Agent:

Your Healthcare agent has the authority to speak for you when you are incapacitated or otherwise unable regarding your medical care and end of life decisions.

5. Guardian for Minor Children

If you have children under 18 years old, or other dependents, you will appoint a guardian for them in the event that you are unable.

6. Asset Distribution

You will need to decide how your assets will be distributed - to who, when, and how. Who would you like to receive your assets when you are gone? Typical beneficiaries are spouse, children, friends, charity or other relatives. If you have several beneficiaries, bring the full names and asset percentages or items to your Express Session.

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